Monday, April 12, 2010

And now for something completely different....

The name of my studio, MythApplied, evolved from my lifelong interest in the art, archaeology, anthropology, languages, and general all around curiosity in the diverse cultures and their histories found throughout the world.

Early on I stumbled upon those enigmatic stone carvings left by the Picts,

Pictish snake and z-rod bodhran

which lead directly into my 'delving into the mythos' and reality of these peoples.  That was way back when 'the problem of the Picts' had yet to be solved.   I'll leave that for another post...

An outgrowth of all of this research was my shift into shamanic art - at the direct (and sometimes very insistent) request of those who wanted it.

Fitzgerald Phoenix bodhran
 My artwork is not only a depiction of a symbol or symbols on their tools (mostly drums), but also the resultant stories (personal myths) recovered from shamanic journeys. 

Scofield Celtic Sun Horse tambourine

 Each was birthed for a specific individual for a specific purpose. 

Some are for cleansing and clearing,

Fournier Otter Riqq

and altar piece

her drum: Sea Eagle

some for group ceremonies,

Hartline Raven and Sun bodhran

and some are for personal meditation and journey work.
 Willow Barclodiad y Gawres Salmon Drum
her northwest native american elk drum

While I'm currently working on my encaustic megalithic series AND my 20 new paintings for an open studio, I continue to seek inspiration for all my work from those special places created for our ancestors.