Saturday, April 10, 2010

Standing with Stones DVD

I'm hoping to get back to my megalithic series today - recently watched (avidly) the dvd by Rupert Soskin and Michael Bott, Standing with Stones. He (Rupert) articulates my fascination with and connexions to those enigmatic sites.  It's got me revv'd to get up painting again....

I highly recommend this dvd to anyone even slightly interested in cromlechs, dolmens, or henges and the like to at least visit their youtube clips. If you find them in the least bit intriguing, you must get a copy of the dvd - over two hours of beautiful cinematography with informative and compelling dialog.

And the interviews on the dvd are great, you really get to hear that what comes across in the dvd is truly their perspective - this wasn't done for a niche market, it was done for the need to share these beautiful and enigmatic sites without dumbing them down or making them so dry.  It's a great travelogue....It's a great history lesson....It's a great thought provoking film.