Friday, July 16, 2010

Stones, stones, and more stones

Today I'm back at my megalithic series.  Feels good to be back with stones. 
Stoney Littleton is in Somerset, England near Bath.  It has an ammonite cast at the entrance which is my inspiration for this piece.  I was looking to paint a chambered cairn, but as they are basically lowish mounds of earth - how to get that magical enchantment into a painting.... The ammonite in the sky.  How fun.

Then there is Callanish.  So huge. So beautiful. So enigmatic.  I didn't want to portray the layout (which astoundingly enough looks like a celtic cross).  I wanted the mystery of the why and what to come through.  Callanish is in Scotland on the Isle of Lewis and Harris.  That's one island, folks. 

For further exploration into neolithic and megalithic sites check out these links:

as always, look to the past to find what matters in the present.