Tuesday, September 7, 2010

les images de France - WIPs

A couple years back I travelled to France on a quest for a friend.  Many things happened that were marvellous.  One of which was the long circuitous route to Rocamadour.

This is my fun little work in progress. 
The shot is a bit dark given all the light in my studio - but what they hey....

rocamadour 10x10 encaustic on cradled panel

From an earlier trip to France I went on a pilgrimage to Gavr'inis.  While they won't allow photos - even with a digital camera, there are several small, well photographed tourist pamphlets.

I must say my short time on the island and in the monument was well worth the time it took to get there.

This piece will (when finished) be part of my megalithic series.

gavr'inis  9x12 encaustic on cradled panel

For those that are sticklers, I've not placed the stones in order and they are depicted upside down.