Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thresholds of Power

I'm beginning a new series focussing on what lies beyond, behind, within. The catalyst for these thoughts are a photographs of places to enter.  The closed door.  The closed gate.  The open door.  The shuttered window. Metaphors for body, heart and soul.  My jumping off points:

'Chateau du Montfort' ©2008 Kathryn Gordon

'Greystoke' ©1999 Kathryn Gordon

'Knowth' ©2011 Kathryn Gordon

'Deerfield' ©2011 Kathryn Gordon

Let's see where this goes....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sold for the Holidays

Always love it when a painting sells - this one however, was a real favourite of mine and will be missed:

French Hill Town (Rocamadour 2)
© 2010 Kathryn Gordon
6"x6" encaustic on claybord panel $175
Can we say Joyeux Noel?