Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Painted Violin

Youth Orchestra of Fresno was wonderful enough to have selected me to paint one of their ten violins for the 2011 auction in May.  Right before Christmas the 'no longer usable' violin arrived on my doorstep.

So of course I HAD to open it immediately.

And then I had to sand and gesso it.

And gesso it some more - here with the verona green that will be the base colour

Now that I've done all the easy steps - on to the wax......

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Works

Well - here's one before it goes off to my husband's niece, Taylor.

Co Lam Dragon 6"x6" encaustic on paper

And then there's Laurie's favourite:

12x18 encaustic on cradled panel

That's all for today

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back from the Trenches

Wow, its been waay too long.  I did spend time at Hylla's master class for encaustic monotype - THAT was fantastic.  Not just the learning,

but the food,

the farm,

the whole shebang.  OMG! 

If you ever get the opportunity - you must take a workshop from Hylla.  This one had complete access to papers and paints (no extra charges).  You could work and work and work and experiment and experiment and experiment.  Absolutely a must do if you want to understand a new technique.  It was fantastic.

Not only was the class fantastic, but the marvelously highly pigmented encaustic paints Hylla makes (Evans Encaustics) are the bees knees! So much pigment that you can make several 'bars' of paint from a single popsicle.

Here's some pics of the works I started during the class:

Wax Goddess

Canal Trees




Le Puy en Velay

Remember - ALL of these are encaustic wax.  Not pastel, not printing ink, but wax printed onto paper.  Definitely different than painting - actually it was so wonderful I'm hoping for a 'hotbox' so I can make many more!

Monday, September 20, 2010

most recent works

Waaaay too much going on these days!  I've been working on a few new pieces and continuing work on others.  Today is show and tell.

First we have Quan Yin

quan yin blue 6"x6" encaustic on panel

Jungle Fever.  That's the name of the nursery in Ruston where I shot the original photo.

Then another of Rocamadour.  This time much more intimate. 

Rocamadour II 6"x6" encaustic on panel

The next one in this series will be the great little cottage we found over the bridge and to the right.

Then we have what I've finally settled on for my give away for the IEA Retreat

Red Skies Blue Water 9"x12" encaustic on cradled panel

And last today - but certainly not least, Gavrinis.  Definitely not finished, but another step closer.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

les images de France - WIPs

A couple years back I travelled to France on a quest for a friend.  Many things happened that were marvellous.  One of which was the long circuitous route to Rocamadour.

This is my fun little work in progress. 
The shot is a bit dark given all the light in my studio - but what they hey....

rocamadour 10x10 encaustic on cradled panel

From an earlier trip to France I went on a pilgrimage to Gavr'inis.  While they won't allow photos - even with a digital camera, there are several small, well photographed tourist pamphlets.

I must say my short time on the island and in the monument was well worth the time it took to get there.

This piece will (when finished) be part of my megalithic series.

gavr'inis  9x12 encaustic on cradled panel

For those that are sticklers, I've not placed the stones in order and they are depicted upside down. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

summer's gone

We might still get a few days of warmth yet, but looks like fall is here!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

summer of fire

Well, summer of torch flame anyway... 

I think she's finished

I seem to be on a figure kick - working on several other small feminine pieces:

6x6 encaustic on clayboard

not sure who she is yet.

Then there's this lovely lady - she's got clothes:

6x6 on stretched canvas

far from complete.

I'm really enjoying the charcoal sketch effect from the payne's grey.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

finally back with the torch

Well, it's been an interesting time lately. 
My accomplishments today are two works in progress: 

Winter - 12x14
encaustic mixed media on board

I'm thinking Winter is finished, but I'll let her sit in the dining room for awhile before I decide.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Stones, stones, and more stones

Today I'm back at my megalithic series.  Feels good to be back with stones. 
Stoney Littleton is in Somerset, England near Bath.  It has an ammonite cast at the entrance which is my inspiration for this piece.  I was looking to paint a chambered cairn, but as they are basically lowish mounds of earth - how to get that magical enchantment into a painting.... The ammonite in the sky.  How fun.

Then there is Callanish.  So huge. So beautiful. So enigmatic.  I didn't want to portray the layout (which astoundingly enough looks like a celtic cross).  I wanted the mystery of the why and what to come through.  Callanish is in Scotland on the Isle of Lewis and Harris.  That's one island, folks. 

For further exploration into neolithic and megalithic sites check out these links:

as always, look to the past to find what matters in the present.

just for the love of art

I saw this on Karin Wells' blog. 

Just toooooo good!  These guys are my new favourite performing artists.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Valise - The Show

Vashon Jam/Slam/Glam All-Island Art Show

There's a newish gallery on the Island called Valise.  It's run by a collective of great island artists who have come up with a stupendous idea for our community artists: 

It is widely understood, both here and "abroad," that 100 percent of the residents of our island have artistic talent. In the spirit of "What if everyone on Vashon read the same book,"

VALISE Artist Collective and Gallery invited island artists of all ages, experience levels and visions, to bring one original artwork to the gallery.  There was a tremendous response, and more than 100 works of art now hang in the gallery.  One of which is mine:

La Femme

and another is from my talented watercolourist husband:

Ruby Beach

We attended the gala opening and here's a few pics - Boy, was it ever crowded!   I had no idea they could get so much art in the gallery. 

Monditza Fournier


LOVE the woodpecker!

And finally another of my favourites:
'The Hunt for the Light is Over'

This show will run throughout the month of July. VALISE gallery is open every Saturday, from 11 am-5 pm, and by appointment.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Self Portrait Challenge

Well, I've been absent from my painting for too long
 Challenge:  Self-Portrait

Abstract?  Picasso-esque? 



Since I'm using this exercise to motivate myself back into painting, I'll have to not get bogged down in the selection process. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

News Flash!

Okay, it's all about me today - well, maybe not ALL.... Definitely it's all about the art and the stones..

My megalithic series is currently featured on  Please check the site out and see what has intrigued me for over 30 years....

Monday, April 12, 2010

And now for something completely different....

The name of my studio, MythApplied, evolved from my lifelong interest in the art, archaeology, anthropology, languages, and general all around curiosity in the diverse cultures and their histories found throughout the world.

Early on I stumbled upon those enigmatic stone carvings left by the Picts,

Pictish snake and z-rod bodhran

which lead directly into my 'delving into the mythos' and reality of these peoples.  That was way back when 'the problem of the Picts' had yet to be solved.   I'll leave that for another post...

An outgrowth of all of this research was my shift into shamanic art - at the direct (and sometimes very insistent) request of those who wanted it.

Fitzgerald Phoenix bodhran
 My artwork is not only a depiction of a symbol or symbols on their tools (mostly drums), but also the resultant stories (personal myths) recovered from shamanic journeys. 

Scofield Celtic Sun Horse tambourine

 Each was birthed for a specific individual for a specific purpose. 

Some are for cleansing and clearing,

Fournier Otter Riqq

and altar piece

her drum: Sea Eagle

some for group ceremonies,

Hartline Raven and Sun bodhran

and some are for personal meditation and journey work.
 Willow Barclodiad y Gawres Salmon Drum
her northwest native american elk drum

While I'm currently working on my encaustic megalithic series AND my 20 new paintings for an open studio, I continue to seek inspiration for all my work from those special places created for our ancestors.