Sunday, June 19, 2011

Megalith hunting - Ireland

Finally back to planning the next stone hunting expedition.  IRELAND!!!  This one should be much easier than the previous trips.  Of course, since I've never been to Ireland, how would I know? 

One thing I do know - there are TONS (tons and tonnes!) of megalithic sites.  Check this out if you've any doubt... and that's only one...Evidently size did matter!

I've been scouring maps (and even more maps) and archaeology books, historical monuments books, celtic myth and faery spirit books...Well, I can't be all dry archaeology all the time - or Katie'd be a dull lass indeed! 

I'm especially  liking both the Red Haired Girl from the Bog and Faery Paths and Spirit Roads by Paul Devereux. 

I've found the Aubrey Burl books and the oxford archaeologic guides indispensible in the past and have no doubt they will serve me well on this trip as well..I've read Michael Dames' Mythic Ireland and the wonderful and beautiful Carleton Jones' book Temples of Stone.

Julian Cope's The Megalithic European book AND his Modern Antiquarian website), oh my!  so much info to sift through...... I just cannot do justice or give credit to all the sites that have stoked the stone fires for me whilst I waited for this opportunity. 

Finally here's a sampling of websites if you've not found them yet. 

Three weeks....THREE weeks!  So many sites, so little time.....